Posted by: hravindra | March 7, 2013

A: “‘Shall we discuss about politics?”

B: “No. Let’s discuss the weather.”

Note: ‘About’ is never used with discuss. Discuss means to talk about a subject.



Posted by: hravindra | March 5, 2013

X: Who is on the line?

Y: One of your friend.

After ‘one of ….’ the noun is always plural. In the above it is ‘one of your friends’.


Posted by: hravindra | March 3, 2013


We keep listening to people saying:

“Suppose if he doesn’t turn up…….?”

This is not correct. Suppose and if  are ‘conditionals’ and mean the same. So both these can not be clubbed. Thus, we either say:

“Suppose he doesn’t turn up….?”


“If he doesn’t turn up….?”